BoxCritters Mod API Server


what was used

How to use

API Url:

Version Info

This is information on how to get Box Critters Version info.


Gets information on the current version of box critters.

Example output:

	"assetsFolder": "",
	"version": "53-pickle",
	"versionNum": "53",
	"versionName": "pickle"

GET /versions

Retrives a list of versions.

Example Output:


GET /version/:version-name

Example Output:

	"assetsFolder": "",
	"version": "51-space",
	"versionNum": "51",
	"versionName": "space",
	"description": ""


Helper js files to help you retrive api data

List of Scripts:


How to use:

getBCModAPI(function (versionData) {
	console.log("Current Version", versionData.version);

Cross-Origin Resource Sharins Proxy

Fixes the old problem where you couldnt move when using themes

GET /cors/:url

GET /cors/data/:url

Feedback Management

Created for

POST /feedback/:repo

Version Description

Created for Robert#2583’s “Changes Meter”

GET /description

Example Output: ``` Welcome to the third Box Critters Experiment! This experiment includes the addition of new rooms and critters. To move between rooms please use the command “/join [roomId]”. Example: “/join tavern” or “/join bridge”. Over the next couple weeks I plan to add more rooms.

Welcome to the second Box Critters Experiment. Box Critters is slowly coming together. Experiment two adds inventory and items to the world. I am planning to giveaway a new item every week. You may unlock the item by saying “/FreeItem” in the message box.

Welcome to the first Box Critters Experiment. This is a simple experiment, just create an account, login, move around and say hi! Over the next couple weeks I plan to start working on the second experiment. Become a BETA or follow me on Twitter @RocketSnail to learn more. ```