EPF Secret HQ

Changes tavern to the secret epf hq from the 2012 club penguin party operation blackout

Golden Critters

Turns your hamster golden

The Koala Texture

The idea of this texture pack was created by CutieJea for a Charity Stream and was brought to life by a member of the community known as HumanTarget.


"OH BOY!!! Id love to play as a disfigured critter!" - CutieJea

Epic Face

This transform every face (only hamster in the moment) in a EPIC FACE

Halloween Tavern

Happy October Box Critters players! Here is the long awaited Halloween background for the Hamster Tavern!


Just a little tutorial in honor of this special day to have you very own Area 51 room!


Just a fun little idea for Box Critters amidst all the crazy stuff going on revolving Sans & Undertale


The tavern is replaced with a green screen

Icy SpaceBG

Icy's Space Background

Blob In Box Critters

Play with blob in Box Critters

Lizard Creature Mod

This mod lets you play as those lizards that briefly appeared in the Tavern.

RocketSnail Critter Mod

This mod lets you play as RocketSnail's critter

Pixelated Pack

Want to go RETRO???



Retro Critters

Experiment 1 is back! - Version 2.1 Only viking helmet is working


Turns the hamsters into cute blue cats!


makes hamsters sans


this texture pack has been in the making for almost 2 days now. it is my attempt to recreate the pink critter. i hope you enjoy. inspired by Cutiejea's profile picture!

Better Critters 2

the revamped version of a legendary texture pack, made just for you. i reached out to several people in the community so see what they wanted for this pack. it's a good one. enjoy it