What is this community?

Welcome! This is the Box Critters Modding Community (abbreviated BCMC). We create mods for the game Box Critters.

What are mods?

Mods are just anything to modify the game, such as improving the resolution, adding new movement controls, or even adding voice chat.

How do I install mods?

Most mods are userscripts, which require a userscript manager for your web browser.
This is just a program that can run javascript on any website, and isn’t specific for boxcritters, however, it’s what we use for creating mods. After this, mods can be installed.

Will I get banned if I use mods?

In general, no.

If your mods are for griefing or cheating (such as using bots to cover up other players or generate coins for yourself), then you can be banned for using them, however we don’t allow these kinds of mods in our community, so mods you get from this website should generally be fine.

How do I create a mod?

Read the Box Critters Modding Handbook. Keep in mind modding generally isn’t easy!

I still need help!

Contact us on discord or twitter!